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The Leaders Lab Approach:

Accelerated, Individualized, Active Leadership Learning

Explore. Apply. Master. Build.


Leaders Lab takes a multi-disciplinary approach, combining five key areas of leadership


Leaders Lab provides “bite-sized leadership learning.” You can zero in on just what you need and move as quickly as you like.


Recognizing the diversity of today’s leaders and their roles, Leaders Lab encourages you to develop your own authentic and effective style.


Leaders Lab is designed to help you address current challenges in practical ways. Apply strategies in your own context; then evaluate and adjust to find what works best for you and your situation.

Leaders Lab combines the best of timeless leadership thinking with breakthrough skills and strategies for the future.

What You'll Learn

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Learning & Change

Learning to Lead

Career Planning for a Technology-Enabled World

You Can’t See Yourself Completely: Asking for Feedback

During Change, Handle Fear First

Strategic Productivity

The Day That Got Away

Information Overwhelm: The Culling Cure

Seven Flavors of “No”

Seven Ways to Decide

The Truth About Multitasking


Creativity & Innovation

Help! I’m Not Creative!

Should Brainstorming Be Banned?

Creative Destruction: Break It

Innovation: It’s Not Just About New Products

Unveil Your New Idea Strategically

Communication, Collaboration & Influence

Full-Bodied Listening

Ask, Ask, Ask: The Power of Questions

Showing Up as Your Best: The Impact of Nonverbal Communication

Eight Ways to Accomplish More in Less Meeting Time

Your Influence Map: Who You Need to Know to Get Things Done

Developing Teams & Talent

Beyond Potential: How to Develop Your Talents

Seven Ways for Women to Come Across More Powerfully at Work

Collaborative Teams: How to Make 2 + 2 = 5

Be a Talent Magnet

Update Your Motivation Methods

Free Samples

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Facilitator’s Guide

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Meet Your Coach

Jane Moyer, Author

As a talent developer, Jane Moyer blends her experience in executive-level corporate management, sales and marketing, career coaching, and the performing arts to bring potential to life. Following a twenty-five-year career at HBO, she founded New Century Leadership LLC in 2005. She is known for an approach that includes both substance and humor.

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